Anatomic Figure 8 Noseband Bridle


Arion HST’s Figure-8 Noseband Bridle is designed with an infinity symbol shape noseband to provide more control through the horse’s mouth and nose. The noseband is positioned higher than a flash allowing for better airflow through the horse’s nostrils. The bridle is finished with a foam padded headpiece, noseband, and crown piece. A soft, padded sheepskin button centers the noseband to prevent rubbing. The bridle’s detailed stitching provides an elegant touch and is finished with a silver Arion logo on the left side of the crown piece. Reins not included.




Anatomic Figure 8 Noseband Bridle


  • 100% vegetable tanned French leather
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Sheepskin padded center button
  • Square raised detailing
  • Reins not included


Sizing Information

Please note there is a 4 week lead time for pony or oversize orders. 

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