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Jumping, sometimes called jumping, is the practice of horseback riding that requires intense, short-time exertion from your horse. You yourself, as a rider, probably experience back pain or soreness after practice. This is certainly a sign of a saddle that is not...

What’s a good jumping saddle?

There are as many opinions on what is a good jumping saddle as there are riders. We often hear that the best is to use a mixed and versatile saddle. It would allow you to perform a wide range of movements. Nothing could be further from the truth! From the moment you...

Workshops Made in France for Arion

At Arion, made in France is second nature, one of our most important values. We choose a 100% French leather, of high quality and coming from the best tanneries in the country. We offer competitive prices for luxury items, with the shortest possible circuit and the...

How to take care of your leather ?

Whether for some of your clothes, everyday objects or of course your Arion saddle, leather is a living material that needs to be maintained. This will prevent it from fading faster than expected. But before the care of the leather itself, you will have to do a...
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