Show Jumping Front Boots


Arion- Horse Sport Tack’s Show Jumping Front Show Boots are made for performance with the horse’s protection and support at the forefront of the design. A combination of Arion’s innovative technology and quality French leathers, the Show Boots are made to maximize optimal movement and comfort for each horse.

Three 1 inch elastic front straps are added for enhanced security and an anatomical fit. The liner of the boots are made to disperse pressure as equally as possible throughout the horses’ legs without creating rubs or irritations. Arion- Horse Sport Tack’s Show Jumping Front Show Boots are made in France and created to maximize performance, comfort, and protection for each horse with a classic look.

To be combined with the Show Jumping Hind Boots.
Size guide.


Show Jumping Front Boots

Why Arion- Horse Sport Tack’s Show Boots?

  • Protection, Comfort, & Class.
    • The combination of our quality French Leather and soft lining material provides your horse with both comfort and protection.
    • Easy to clean leather and liner.
    • Offered in Brown or Black leather.
  • Three 1” Elastic Front Straps.
    • Made of durable and flexible fabric that is made to last.
    • Three hole options on each strap are made to provide maximum security and custom fit for your horse.
  • Front boots are sold in pairs.
  • Made in France 🇫🇷
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