Anatomic French Noseband Bridle


Arion’s French Noseband Bridle provides comfort for your horse through its innovative, ergonomic elastic headpiece which relieves pressure on the poll and jaw to encourage flexion into the contact.

The flash is fully removable, so the bridle can be used with the flash or with a traditional cavesson only.

  • Cob
  • Full
  • Pony


Anatomic French Noseband Bridle


  • 100% vegetable tanned French leather
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Ergonomic elastic crownpiece
  • Padded browband & noseband
  • Square raised detailing
  • Fully removable flash noseband
  • Reins not included


Sizing Information

Please note there is a 4 week lead time for pony or oversize orders.

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